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The aim of the Kumon Math program is to prepare students so that they can excel in math.  The lower level Kumon worksheets are designed to build mastery of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), which are the basics of mathematics.  Students can then easily learn more complex operations such as long division, fractions, equation solving and factorisation.

Students who are struggling with math are most often those with poor foundation skills. Kumonís programs are structured in a linear fashion to ensure that students master one concept before moving onto the next. Kumon students are able to progress based on an assessment of their own needs and skills. This is one of the major differences between Kumon and school-based learning.

bulletKumon Math Classes Curriculum

            Available now, contact the centre for enrolment.

The goal of Kumon English program is to develop students' reading comprehension abilities to a point where students will easily be able to read, understand, summarise, and analyse advanced forms of writing from a diversity of fields. In the centre, after students completed the worksheets they all read aloud to us.  Flash cards and audio CD's are available for young students.

bulletKumon English Class Curriculum

            Available now, contact the centre for enrolment.


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