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Centre Overview


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Centre Information


Kumon South Horizons (an Education Department registered Education Centre) is located in Marina Square East, on the third floor in shop 388D (see map).  It provides a convenient location for students in the South Hoirzons, Ap Le Chau, as well as other areas in Hong Kong Island South like Shousan Hill, Repulse Bay, etc.


The Centre has been servicing the South Horizons area since  December 2000.  It was located in the same floor on the opposite end previously.  Due to the quality of its instructor and increasing popularity of the program, the Centre has moved to the present location.

Centre Overview

The goal of our Centre is to provide a bright, relax, and spacious environment for our students, so they would enjoy their weekly visits.  It has lots of space for students to move around so they are not cramped together.  We currently have fewer seats than the maximum number allowed by the Education Department.  Our Centre also offers longer opening hours than any other centres in South Horizons so our students have more flexibility to accommodate their other activities.

We have added a new library, and have carefully chosen many classics that are appropriate for students of different ages.  The goal is to raise the students' interest in reading.  In addition, the Centre has adequate equipments for students to listen to CDs, as well as other KUMON developed supplementary education aids such as the Number Boards, the Phonetic Boards, Flash Cards, etc.,  all are designed to make the Centre visit a fun experience.

We are also very conscious of students' safety.  So our Centre has been registered with the Education Department and is the first and largest Kumon centre in South Horizons with that status.  That means our Centre's facilities fulfill all the requirements set by the Education Department, Health Department, Housing Department, Fire Department, etc. to ensure your children's safety while attending classes. 

We encourage our students' parents to visit the Centre periodically for the latest update.

Kumon-One has been renamed to Kumon South Horizons

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